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Real time translation is coming to all Assistant-optimized headphones and phone

AndroidCentral is reporting that the translate support in Google Pixels page has been updated to reflect: Google Translate is available on all Assistant-optimized headphones and Android phones. The feature was previously available on the Pixel Buds only with Pixel phones: With the assistance of your Google Pixel Buds, you can easily converse with someone who doesn’t speak...

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Voice across industries featured in today’s newsletter issue

Every Thursday 9:50 PT we send the weekly issue of the ultimate newsletter in voice technology. We will soon add an audio version of it as well.

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AppSheet launched SmartAssistant, an automatic conversational UI for Apps

AppSheet, a service to create mobile apps almost without coding announced last week a new feature that allow creators to add a new user interface that acts like a digital business assistant, enabling voice recognition and natural language processing for any app built on the AppSheet platform. It’s compared to having Siri in your app,...

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What you didn’t hear on the Portal announcement

As you probably know by today, Facebook announced Portal yesterday, a smart display for video calls with Alexa integrated. There are tons of articles on the web related to the announcement summing up three fundamentals: the privacy scandals the company has been surrounded this year, why choosing Alexa was a smart decision at this point...

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Recap of important Google Assistant recent updates

This week Google Assistant had several updates important enough to make it to my notes for episodes. Let’s start reviewing them. Monetization First, monetization, just a week after Amazon announced consumables API for Alexa Google released the ability to sell digital goods, a way for Action creators to offer digital subscriptions and goods to consumers....

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Chatbot solving hard problems for students in Australia

 The University of Adelaide built a chatbot to solve the dreading problem of thousands and thousands of students receiving their Admission Rank on the same day. The chatbot was built using only Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise, a sheet with the formulas for the calculations for the admission rank and a list of high...

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Parenting with Alexa and smart assistants

Voice Assistants have been at the forefront of parents almost since the beginning. From a kid who prayed to Alexa, to parents wanting the assistant to request thank you, prompting a response from Amazon. The latest update to Alexa address though questions saving parents difficult conversations with their kids (This is, of course, an overstatement)....

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Skill connections in Alexa

Amazon announced yesterday that developers will be able to start a request in one skill, then have it fulfilled in another. The feature is officially called Skills Connections and is in Preview. As part of the blog post announcement Amazon outlined examples of connections available like printing by HP and schedule a reservation by OpenTable...

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Omega voice assistant and Surface headphones

Will.i.am backed startup presented Omega, their smart assistant at the recently finished Dreamforce conference. Omega is set to compete with Alexa and Google Assistant although heavy geared towards music fans: in the presentation the assistant was shown playing tracks at request, before providing information about the artist playing and any upcoming gigs or live performances....

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Reboot the web with voice

Last week or earlier this week, the creator of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee presented a project he has been working on in stealth mode: Solid, an open source project according to its author: “with the goal to restore the power and agency of individuals on the web”, is based in Linked...

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