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More on Bixby and SDC 2018

As they say, sometimes is better to wait to report on some news. I feel the episode of Bixby on Wednesday could’ve wait until yesterday, when I was going to the Samsung Developer Conference and will get more context and details. If you didn’t listen to yesterday episode for some reason here’s the summary: Samsung...

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Samsung opens Bixby to third party developers

Samsung announce yesterday at the Developer Conference in San Francisco that the Bixby platform was open to developers. The Bixby developer Studio was until so far in private beta. Nersa my cofounder at VoiceFirst Labs and I were lucky enough to be in the beta program and contest for the creation of the first capsules...

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The Guardian Voice Lab

Today I’ll talk about one of the indications that more companies  are jumping into the voice bandwagon: the Guardian announcement yesterday: Voice Lab. According to the press release in the Guardian website, the goal is to bring the authentic voice of the Guardian to Google Assistant through experimentation and innovation. The Guardian is looking to...

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Voice Search trends report summary

Global web index released last week a report on Voice Search: trends to know, a deep dive into the consumer uptake of the voice assistant technology. I summed up the main points. The report tackles 3 fundamentals: Growth prospects for voice The bigger picture of voice What are the implications for consumer privacy Here are the...

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Alexa in office equipment

Alexa everywhere, soon available in office equipment. Amazon said a couple of weeks back that it debuted a new feature that lets office equipment makers more easily integrate their existing devices like video-conferencing gear and corporate calling headsets with the Alexa voice assistant. Makers will use Alexa for Business. Some of the companies that are...

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The Alexa Presentation Language

Why Alexa Presentation Language might be the biggest news right now for voice apps? For developers and anyone involved in the mobile revolution around 2010, anything that promises to work in different devices seamless is like a dream. That’s what Alexa Presentation Language is seducing us with: build interactive, multimodal Alexa skills and customize them...

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Is Siri an enterprise product already?

I’m going to start saying it: I’m one of those who is not completely counting on Siri in the smart speakers race. After all, despite being one of the first in the market and having the mobile advantage (as I like to call it),  it doesn’t seem to catch up to the times, or have...

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Conversational forms, adios web forms?

I enjoy filling up those forms. Say no one ever. How does the future of forms – including lead forms, government services forms- will look like, how collecting data will change when conversational interfaces are more mainstream among users? This is a question that has been in my head for a few months now. We...

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Oracle voice assistant and voice in the enterprise

Oracle announced recently the launch of the Oracle Digital Assistant for companies, an AI assistant built to help employees handle things like enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), or human relations needs in a conversational setting. After the news, Brian Roemmele, tweeted how Oracle joining the voice wagon marked completed the list of...

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Read along with Google Home Mini and Disney’s Little Golden Books

I had to come back with a news related to Disney. I had to. You all know by now that I consulted as a software engineer with Disney while in South America and it was a tremendous experience. Just yesterday Google announced story time experiences: interactive stories in partnership with Disney. TechCrunch article presents the fundamentals:...

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