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Today I’ll talk about one of the indications that more companies  are jumping into the voice bandwagon: the Guardian announcement yesterday: Voice Lab.

According to the press release in the Guardian website, the goal is to bring the authentic voice of the Guardian to Google Assistant through experimentation and innovation.

The Guardian is looking to create immersive interactive stories leveraging emerging technologies.

In partnership with Google, our dedicated multidisciplinary team of journalists, developers and designers will create and test innovative voice-driven audio experiences for the Google Assistant.

There are no examples for now as the article exhorted to come back to the page for updates. However, it’s a relevant announcement for media companies. This is not the first time that I talk about media companies leveraging voice technologies and experimenting with audio and smart speakers, BBC, NYT and HuffingtonPost Canada, either have voice applications in one of the leading platforms and a lot of other media companies have flash briefings.

I’m definitely excited to see how this new combination of mediums changes journalism and storytelling.

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