Month: July 2018

Flash briefing 17 – Jurassic World interactive fiction

We played the free version of Jurassic World and it’s really good. It’s voice actors, it’s engaging, letting you feeling you’re inside a game. You are prompted fairly frequently, keeping the attention at all times, since you need to know what to answer. However for me some of the decisions felt light, it had little to no weight in the course of the story. I went back and chose differently just to try this. But the biggest hurdle for me was how fast the free version ends, leaving me with no desire to continue to the premium version. And there is a design failure. Do not appeal to your ego when designing a voice interaction. Despite the fact that I know the story, does not mean I’ll jump right in to buy it without a hook first. I think this is a lesson voice game designers need to take into account when adding premium features to their voice apps.

As an interactive story I think it’s attractive.

Thank you for listening !