Flashbriefing 1 – Branding in voice platforms

 Today we are discussing psychology and the meaning of life, hahaha, not that much we’ll be talking about whether companies should assign a gendered voice to their skills/actions, their brand in voice platforms. Here is the tweet that sparked our interest. Here’s the deal with gender. Ultimately, AI is about delivering a fast, context...

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Flash briefing 2 – Resources to create voice apps without knowing how to code

There are several apps that allow you to create Alexa skills and Google actions without knowing how to code that are good to experiment with the platforms. So here’s a list of resources that you can use today without coding: Voice apps. That’s voiceapps.com. Create Alexa skills Also for Alexa is Storyline. Storyline has a...

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Flashbriefing 3 – How can you leverage voice tech for your business today?

Voice technologies reduce friction for consumers and you could make the most of the new voice platforms. We recommend start thinking about your voice strategy today, how do you want to sound and what’s your sonic identity. Here is some ways where you could leverage voice tech. Giving out specific information about your product and...

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Flash briefing 4 – It’s time for small businesses to take search seriously

Google has stated that voice search accounts for 20% of its mobile queries. For context, half of all search queries originated on mobile devices. This frequency of voice search use shows how relevant this technology is to brick-and-mortar locations, altho it’s worth noting that elsewhere in the cited research it’s clear that consumers are using...

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Flash briefing 5 – week June 18 – Board games arriving to Alexa

Alexa, play when in Rome. Company Sensible Object announced on Monday it has raised $3.2 million to grow its experiences that combine Alexa with board games. “The company’s first game, When in Rome, will go on sale July 2 on Amazon in Australia, Canada, the US, and UK.” When in Rome is a multiplayer game...

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Flash briefing 6 June 20- Voice Interfaces are Making Banking and Finances Less Frustrating

There is no doubt of the convenience of voice for a lot of everyday tasks. And banking and finance institutions are quickly adopting voice technologies. Saying Alexa send 500 from my checking account to John Doe is faster and easier than to log in into your banking app, look for transfers, confirm amount and transfer...

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