Flashbriefing 3 – How can you leverage voice tech for your business today?

Voice technologies reduce friction for consumers and you could make the most of the new voice platforms. We recommend start thinking about your voice strategy today, how do you want to sound and what’s your sonic identity. Here is some ways where you could leverage voice tech.

  1. Giving out specific information about your product and only when asked for.
  2. Dedicated attention to all your customers without involving manual interference.
  3. Take orders, subscriptions or service requests with just a simple voice command.
  4. Collect invaluable feedback without troubling your customer much, by just asking relevant questions.
  5. Educate and inform about new services and products based on context and user interests
  6. Personalized affinity based recommendations to upsell products and services.

Other services include:
Round the clock service: Service can be booked at any given time.
Automation: Processes that occur again and again can be automated easily with tools. This saves so much time.

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