Flash briefing 6 June 20- Voice Interfaces are Making Banking and Finances Less Frustrating

There is no doubt of the convenience of voice for a lot of everyday tasks. And banking and finance institutions are quickly adopting voice technologies. Saying Alexa send 500 from my checking account to John Doe is faster and easier than to log in into your banking app, look for transfers, confirm amount and transfer the money. Granted, there are security concerns and you probably won’t like other people present in the house to hear your balance of zero, but there’s no doubt of the convenience of using voice for everyday money management. This are the companies that are already taking a leap into voice in banking and finance:

Bank of America: Erica, an AI-powered, voice-activated virtual financial assistant. Erica lives in the bank’s mobile app and just recently surpassed one million users, according to a press release on BusinessWire.

Intuit: At the end of 2017, Intuit released the QuickBooks Assistant, an AI-driven voice interface to help self-employed users glean insights from their financial data. Now, thanks to their latest virtual assistant, users can open the Quickbooks Self-Employed mobile app and ask questions like, “how are my numbers this month?”

Conversation.one the company we already talked about last week that allows you to create conversational  reached an agreement with Fintech giant Finastra to integrate their platforms. This allows Conversation.one to extend their voice solution to Finastra’s 9,000+ financial institutions. It also means a lot more banks and credit unions will be able to offer omni-channel customer experiences without having to drop a single line of code.

This companies are leading the way in VoiceFirst finance and banking applications but are only scratching the surface on what it’s possible and we’ll see in a few years.

Source: https://www.voicesummit.ai/blog/voice-interfaces-are-making-banking-and-finances-infinitely-less-frustrating

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