Flash briefing 5 – week June 18 – Board games arriving to Alexa

Alexa, play when in Rome. Company Sensible Object announced on Monday it has raised $3.2 million to grow its experiences that combine Alexa with board games. “The company’s first game, When in Rome, will go on sale July 2 on Amazon in Australia, Canada, the US, and UK.”

When in Rome is a multiplayer game that uses Alexa as your guide and provider of a multimedia experience. The game introduces players to locals in cities around the world through trivia questions and was created with the help of a team of creatives that includes writers, composers, and theater directors who managed the dialogue of local voice actors. The experience, which visits 20 cities, can be tried for free by speaking with the When in Rome Alexa skill in the US.

Instead of the typical board game that remains an unaltered, static experience, Sensible Object is using Alexa as a way to provide an interactive experience, one that keeps people coming back through consistent updates and improvements.

Investors in the $3.2 million round include London Venture Partners, NCSOFT, March Capital, and Alexa Fund — a $200 million initiative by Amazon to support promising startups that are growing the ecosystem of products and services that work with virtual assistants.

Will this open a new frontier for interactive games using voice technologies? Games are an instrumental element in voice tech adoption and this investment shines in the type of experiences that investors are looking for.

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Source: https://venturebeat.com/2018/06/18/sensible-object-raises-3-2-million-for-board-games-you-play-with-alexa-and-google-assistant/


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