Flash briefing 2 – Resources to create voice apps without knowing how to code

There are several apps that allow you to create Alexa skills and Google actions without knowing how to code that are good to experiment with the platforms. So here’s a list of resources that you can use today without coding:

  • Voice apps. That’s voiceapps.com. Create Alexa skills
  • Also for Alexa is Storyline. Storyline has a very active Facebook group where they answer user questions very quickly. Website it’s getstoryline.com
  • Conversation.one. Conversation allows to build for Alexa, Google Actions and chatbots. Website it’s conversation.one.
  • Dialog Flow seems really complete as it lets you create chatbots for Facebook messenger, Google actions, Alexa skills and Microsoft Cortana. Check them out at dialogflow.com
  • Other resources include books, tutorials and even a Twitch channel for Alexa developers. If you want to learn more about these check out voicefirstweekly.com/flashbriefing.




Course for developers of Alexa skills:


  • Introduction to Alexa
  • Conversational Design with Alexa

Google Actions:


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