Audio branding for a voice-first future

We will be touching on branding again today is this flash briefing, it’s an interesting subject in the state voice technology is today. I think that a lot of players right now won’t be the biggest winners later on, but, as you guys might know already, because I say it constantly, it’s really imperative to be in the platforms and to start defining your strategy, so it’s always interesting to me to talk about how brands are reacting to this wave. Audio branding is not new, it comes since the Golden Age of Radio, but it were never a time where it was more important to know how you brand sounds like in today’s times. And as part of your audio strategy or voice strategy, the first thing is the actual voice.

That’s the distinction that might make or break the experience for the users in voice applications, and when choosing a voice, even if smart assistants are relatively new there is a lot of science and studies relative to on-brand voices. You know, there is a reason why lots of people love Morgan Freeman voice, for instance. Voice is the link between your audience and your brand. But after you found your voice, how is gonna sound what is gonna say, if it intp or intj, how do you actually amplify the experience? Launch a voice app, have a sonic logo, a sonic logo is the combination of sounds that identify you uniquely and that it’s in tone with the personality of your voice, i bet you’ll remember, well, those who were born then, the Nokia opening tone

The power of audio can be a tool to deliver white glove service in a hands-free environment; a frictionless conduit through which you can deliver customer service as the experience unto itself.

The sense of urgency to be in voice platforms that we listen constantly means that at least you should be putting some content on one of this platforms, or ideally all. Take care of your voice and audio experiences. To see is to believe, but to listen is to experience.

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