The state of voice search

If you still haven’t optimized your website for voice search, you’re losing a fair share of the online marketing potential.

If that doesn’t convince you, just take a look at these voice search statistics:

  • 325 million people are searching through the internet using voice search
  • 20% of Google searches are done through voice search with 95% accuracy of answers
  • 4 million Amazon Echo devices are sold during one holiday season

Voice search process and transcribe human speech into text.

Interesting fact is that 25% of searches in windows 10 are voice searches. Is it possible that Windows might enter the battle of voice technology giants? I personally don’t think so, but I know they have great tools for natural language processing.

It comes as a surprise to no one that the place where people make use of voice search the most it’s in their cars. Second place when doing other external activities and when watching TV. Last one being when they are in bed. That one was definitely a surprise to me because i use Alexa a lot while in bed, to play podcasts, music, play voice games that i want to check out etc.

What are people searching more?

First: More than 50% ask for deals, sales and promos, then personalized tips and info and events and activity information. 38% of the searches are for customer support. A really interesting fact in the data is that only 13% of smart speakers owners use smart speakers to find local businesses.

Why do people use voice search?

Primarily when hands are occupied or when is difficult to use other devices.

Reasons smartphone users use voice search.

The primary reason is for online searches, finding product information and asking questions.

And who uses voice search the most?

Millennials, followed by Gen X and Baby boomers. Women seems to be the biggest consumers gender wise.

25% of individuals between 16 and 24 use voice search on mobile.

How all of this can influence search engine optimization?

Natural language keywords might be the next thing. Using natural language matches with consumer searches more, and your rank gets higher. And how do you prepare for it.

Please go to to find more statistics about voice search engine optimization predictions. Summarizing, this is the state of voice search today,

In general, voice search is used for:

  • Searching for general info on the internet;
  • Getting directions;
  • Calling or texting somebody;
  • Checking the weather;
  • Scheduling an alarm;
  • Checking sports scores;
  • Finding jokes;
  • Playing music;
  • Opening an app;
  • Checking email.

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