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We have a big announcement today. As the conversational space in AI, voice applications, and smart speakers platforms grows, the need for finding talent to build the new applications of tomorrow will only grow. Creating content for VoiceFirst Weekly makes us see a lot of job postings, and we follow communities questions and answer questions we get asked all the time. During this time, we came to understand there’s going to be soon enough a need for talent for voice applications not only involving programmers and designers, but all kind of creatives. Even now the people that are working in voice come from a variety of backgrounds. And as such we want to start providing help to both people who want to get into voice technologies and companies looking to hire for voice talent. And with that preamble we are launching today the Voice Job Board. Voice Job Board will allow you to post a job with us if you are a company or a business hiring for voice applications and for those looking to enter the field. You can go to and submit your postings. We will be releasing soon and providing resources for learning and education in conversational applications to help you find the people you need in voice. Stay tuned.

Thank you for listening, you have a great weekend. We’ll talk tomorrow.

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