Does insurance has a voice

I like looking into trends and observing how each industry is adopting these new platforms and which industries are doing it first and which ones are just watching. As Theo Lau put it in an article published in InsurTech:

For insurance industry, adopting voice technology can be viewed as a competitive advantage and an important driver of customer satisfaction.

Back in 2016, Liberty Mutual Insurance became the first insurance carrier to release an Alexa skill, enabling customers to get quotes and access a glossary of insurance jargons. Since then other companies has followed suit like Prudential, Nationwide, MetLife and GEICO. I’ll leave in this episode notes the full list of insurance companies with voice capabilities. In terms of features, it can go from obtaining car insurance quotes, to tips on motivation and happiness, to answers to common insurance questions. Most of them provide clarification of language and terms. This is a great fit for voice applications, as I have said before here anything that is repetitive, you know the work that people answer over and over in a day the same thing to different people, in customer support is the perfect case for voice applications. After all what is assistant for if not to help you with getting home and cars quotes or dental providers.

This is a list of insurance companies with voice capabilities.

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