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What can voice technology do in the workplace. It’s in our homes and we are finding our way to meet each other and see how we can understand and communicate so the next logical step it’s for smart assistants to move to our workplace. Forbes published an article about the 12 Exciting ways you can use voice-activated technology in the workplace. I thought it was good to explore some of the so I selected 5 to showcase here.

Number 1. Improving customer service support

This technology is leaps and bounds better than anything the telecom industry has produced vis-à-vis interactive voice response (IVR). Access to this technology means more natural customer service help via telephone and being able to handle simple issues.

Number 2. Augmenting Internal Workplace Education

Connect employees to internal resources on demand. This will let developers access extensive documentation or allow anyone to get questions answered about workplace policies, all with a voice-activated system

Number 3 Integration With Business Apps

Businesses can use Amazon’s Alexa for a myriad of reasons, including helping employees work more efficiently from scheduling meetings, keeping track of to-do lists and setting important reminders.

Number 4 Accessing Big Data More Easily

We are on the verge of accessing enterprise data through voice where you can ask a question in basic spoken language and have a platform retrieve the answers — all integrated within enterprise applications. So, within Slack, you could ask, “What are Germany unit sales trends” and immediately receive back the charts and data.

Number 5 Opportunities In Other Environments

I think there are excellent opportunities in other environments where modalities are different and workers aren’t sitting in front of a keyboard and screen all day. On an assembly line, for example, being able to speak commands to equipment would be immensely helpful or perhaps in a hospital environment where a user could ask for necessary information without needing to use their hands.

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