Branding in voice is brand’s biggest challenge for the next years

Branding in voice needs to be respectful of the user. The key will be to bring branding in a way that is seamless to the user experience. You need to be careful about when to do branding in voice and know where to cut off. You don’t want to interrupt in the middle of a sentence.

The context the user is in it’s relevant as well, what works in one platform might not work in the other. If you are promoting in Google Assistant vs your own app, the considerations are different since those are not technically your users, in the sense that you don’t know how they landed in your action.

Considering a voice strategy and branding in voice will become more and more relevant as consumers get used to talking to their devices and expect to have conversations with almost every electronic thing. Voice will be the biggest challenge for brands since they have to go on the internet. As the number of users using smart speakers from their phones grows, the first thing you can do is integrate voice into your mobile app or chatbot in your website. Apple will be releasing Shortcuts in September, a way to integrate with Siri and Google is said to launch App Actions, a way to customize the current Android applications to be available in the actions store. The other strategy you can deploy is creating content for the home environment. The smart assistants preferred place today is our homes. Meet your users where they are integrating content related to the activities that are typically done at the house. And above everything, please don’t underestimate the impact voice will have in branding.

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VentureBeat wrote a piece on why branding is hard in voice, check it out. This is another good piece on how brands can benefit from voice technologies.

And this is our briefing on how App Actions work.

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  1. Fascinating. Appreciate your info. Month into my voice journey

    1. voicefirstlabs says:

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to the voice ecosystem

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