Alexa’s Contact and motion sensor APIs use cases

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Earlier this week the Alexa team announced the availability of Contact and Motion Sensor APIs and Integration into Alexa.

Why I think this is important? For the cases that are not being espclifically advertised for the feature: like physical impaired people improved access to home utilities. For caregivers of kids or older adults and patients. The contact and motion sensor API also allows to connect to the Routines in Alexa, automatizing even further all this tasks. The future of home automation is more connected every day. So I’ll do an episode in the next coming weeks about the main players working home automation.
Here are the main use cases as featured in the Alexa blog post:
Customers can view their connected sensors in the Alexa App, query their status by asking Alexa, and use sensors to activate Routines to control other connected smart home devices, say special phrases, play music, receive notifications, and much more. Customers can use their sensors to automate a wide variety of custom-built Routines, such as:

  • When motion is detected in the living room, Alexa can turn on the lights, and then turn off the lights after 30 minutes with no motion detected
  • A motion sensor within a Wi-Fi camera can turn on a light and send a notification to your phone
  • You can ask Alexa if a door or window is open before arming the home security system
  • A front door contact sensor can activate Alexa to announce that the front door is open
  • A pantry door contact sensor can turn the pantry lights on and off when the door opens and close

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