The VoiceFirst Weekly VR with synthesized speech first look

Hi guys, today there is two exciting news, one: I played with the presentation host from the just launched amazon Sumerian host feature. Amazon Sumerian is a VR/AR service by AWS. Last night, I discovered they launched this feature to have someone doing a presentation in a VR environment and decided to try it. Once again, the Revolution will be synthesized, but also our companies on boarding processes, customer services and some of our media.
Amazon Sumerian let’s you choose from Amazon Polly synthesized voices and configure gestures with the speech, SSML, add audio songs as background and much more I haven’t played around yet, quite powerful. Check out the example I made in the link in the episode notes at You need Chrome or Firefox updated to see it.
This an easy example of what the future of selected episodes and tutorials in VoiceFirst Weekly will look like. Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think. Find the link in this episode notes!
Remember, today’s Apple Special event. We are all looking forward to what the Cupertino crew has to say, in our case, especially related to voice, Siri, conversational messages. Excitement doesn’t cover it. I don’t want to speculate what are they going to announce, let’s just talk tomorrow about. Thank you for listening!

Amazon Sumerian released a guide on how to use the host feature.

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