Apple position on voice tech after special event

So as you probably heard already, at least in terms of voice, there is not a lot to say from Apple special event. Not in voice tech the software side, but not about AirPods and only a slightly mention of new features for the HomePod. Shortcuts should be generally available on iOS 12 to be released in September 25th.
Reflecting on Apple’s position on voice technology yesterday as the event was wrapping up I thought about Microsoft and mobile. It’s the classic example this nowadays of missing a trend in technology. Along with the profound consequences it might have. And then the recent podcast of the knowledge project came along and Ben from Stratechery said a phrase in a way that really resonated with me: Microsoft didn’t miss the mobile trend, they were just fundamentally unequipped to compete in it.

The discovery of “anomalies” during revolutions in science leads to new paradigms. New paradigms then ask new questions of old data, move beyond the mere “puzzle-solving” of the previous paradigm.

from The Structure of Scientific Revolutions of Kuhn in paradigms shift. Apple didn’t not put a lot of emphasis on voice tech, or audio, which I was expecting some AirPods announcement or improvement. The Cupertino company continues to play to their present strengths on the Apple Watch and iPhone hardware improvements. Is it possible that, as alarming as it may sound, Apple is unequipped to compete in a VoiceFirst World? Let me know your thoughts.

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