Conversational CRM at enterprise scale

Every big company is jumping into voice technology.

Yesterday from a tweet Say hello to Einstein Voice. Now anyone can talk to Salesforce.

In the video of the announcement  we can see the use automatic speech recognition as the user speaks with queries like Change the close date to November. It’s clear Dreamforce is coming up. Salesforce is joining the VoiceFirst wagon. It’s probably going to accelerate the adoption of voice technology by the more of 100 000 companies that use the CRM application. The company had previously released Violet, an open source framework for voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

With Einstein, though, Salesforce is releasing a voice assistant for the enterprise, a platform that that enables sales managers to dictate memos and navigate cloud services hands-free. Parker Harris, the CTO of the company quoted in an article with the announcement by VentureBeat that “We’re in the midst of an incredible technological shift, where the power of voice is fundamentally changing the way we work. The platform will allow users to update Salesforce records and create tasks.

The company also announced Einstein Voice Bots, meant to be consumer facing to be released in 2019.

 Chuck Ganapathi the CEO of reported in an article the prediction that every major CRM vendor will announce a voice offering by the end of the year.

Other CRMs already offering conversational features are Zoho with Zia and But Salesforce is the market leader and has a big platform in Dreamforce this year to be listened by companies and show the voice capabilities of Einstein Voice Assistant navigating the CRM platform with voice.

VoiceFirst Weekly we’ll be on the look for more details of Einstein during next week conference.

Is the time for voice in the enterprise.

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