Flash briefing 14 – What category headings for job types is appropriate in voice technologies

Someone asked this week in the voice entrepreneur group

We need category headings for job types & Skills applicable to the world of Voice Development/businesses needs. Think: Roles, Skills, Technologies.

Voice is so new as a platform that we haven’t defined yet common domain for applicants and jobs. What’s so interesting and attractive to me about voice is not only the technical side of it, but the psychology and understanding of human communication that it’s so core to the whole technology.

The abilities required for voice apps, successful, engaging, million of users apps will be way different than those of a mobile application. Empathy will play a big role and creatives and writers. For me on a basic level of skill development you’ll need understanding and some hands on experience on NodeJS/JS/Python, JSON, APIs, basic understanding of databases. On the business side, there is a lot of room for creatives types, voice actors, writers, designers. Skills: empathy, design for voice interactions, understanding the difference of designing conversational interfaces vs websites and mobile apps. Voice is the interface to humans, and you’ll need to understand them.


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