Flash briefing 16 – Ok, Google cántame Las Mañanitas

Google announced that users can now query their assistant in Spanish. It was already available in the Assistant in Android phones.  And now, Google Home and Google Home Mini are also available in Spanish in both Mexico and Spain. We ask it “Cual es el clima (What’s the weather)” and it replied with the weather information in English, presumably because my default language is English. They also introduced continued conversations, where you can ask more than one question without saying the invocation word.

And just 2 days ago Google Duplex, the famous demo presented at Google I/O  opened for testing. The company gave several small groups of journalists a chance to demo Duplex in which the assistant identify themselves and said the call was gonna be recorded. Google listened to the main critics about the concern of the system deceiving the caller by not identifying itself as not human. The company efforts in AI and audio is playing a main role in their strategy. Duplex could have a big impact as an assistant. We’ll wait for more tester to give a more thorough review. Thanks for listening. Find this show notes at voicefirstweekly.com/flashbriefing.

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