Flash briefing 15 – The possibilities of voice for city governments

The city of Ozark Missouri has its own voice in Alexa.

I’m gonna play near future oracle here. It seems to me that in time it makes a lot of sense that every city has a voice assistant in every main attraction area where visitors and locals can ask questions about the city and the different services that are link to the government. It would be really useful for tourists finding their way around the city, asking for schedules of theaters, city hall, museums. Others use cases may be file complains, request a permit, checking permit status, ask when a service will launch or when there are new job offers in the city government. Lots of possible uses and applications. I’m sure we’ll be walking to the city and you’ll get to a point where there’s an echo you can talk to. And that’s why Ozark Missouri skill it’s an breakthrough move in VoiceFirst. It’s the first city to have one in the US, and I’m expecting a lot more to come.

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