Flash briefing 20 – Siri at the British Parliament

This post does not makes a serious stand on the actual security issue that the news might reflect. It’s a prediction on qhat the future could be with a smart assistant enabled parliament. 

The British secretary of defense was interrupted by Siri while delivering a statement to the parliament. Funny isn’t.

The response of the twitterverse was that this was a high security concern that he has a voice activated device with the listen on all the time in parliament sensitive meetings. Would it make sense that parliaments have a smart speaker/intelligent assistant in their meetings? I can see that will happen eventually. For sure we’ll have first to sort out the security concerns and privacy issues. It might sound too sci-fi now, but I don’t see it that far away.

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Source of the tweet: https://twitter.com/BBCParliament/status/1014136145989513218

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