Flash briefing 22 – Questions you need to answer for an effective voice strategy

What are the questions you need to answer for a effective voice strategy and sound identity?

When a client comes to you would you advise them to be as disciplined visually as sonically?

So here is 3 things you should have into account for your sound / voice strategy:

  1. Your brand persona: Most likely you already have defined a persona for your brand. You already know how it looks by all your visual elements, the logo, key colors, typography.  Now what about your sound and voice? Look into radio to get a hint, but first, think about the language you want to use: if you see one of your users at a park how would you greet them, how would you answer their questions? The language you’ll use will help you shape the voice you want to have. Have a library of sounds and voices. Be consistent and disciplined.
  2. Define in what context are your users most likely to interact with your app / brand. Is it at night almost always? Then, for example, check for the tone and cadence of the voice. The soothness should help the user to settle in, to remind them that this is the last voice they want to hear while preparing to rest.
  3. Finally, you need to really craft the first time users interact with your service and the welcome for the subsequent interactions. Refer to one of our posts, linked in the show notes, on how to manage a welcoming experience in a voice apps for more details. Make sure you provide guidance of the capabilities of your service application and how they can know more or ask for help. Your job in a voice app is first and foremost to reduce frustration to a minimum.
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