Flash briefing 23 – Coming events in voice technologies

Hello there, hope you are having a good day, evening or the time you are listening to this. If you are a voice enthusiast, might that be a developer, designer, entrepreneur or an investor you should be aware of the events and conferences, to flourish ideas and connect with fellow voice first enthusiasts. In this episode we are bringing you the most important events in voice that you need to know. Disclaimer: we are not sponsored by or in association of any kind with any of the organizers of the conferences listed here.

Let’s start with:

VOICE Summit, will take place from July 23-26 in Newark, NJ. It’s 3 Day event with more than 1500 attendees, counting us too!! Featuring 175 sessions, you’ll need to plan accordingly for this one. And they still have tickets available. https://www.voicesummit.ai/

The Voice of Healthcare Summit will take place Tuesday August 7, 2018. If you are in voice and healthcare and wellbeing you should consider attending: https://www.vohsummit.com/

CES Las Vegas will surely be an important event in terms of devices unveiling with smart capabilities.

Conversational Commerce Organized by Opus Research is parsed in two areas, Intelligent Assistants and Intelligent Authentications. To take place in San Francisco in September 2018.


Alexa Conference in Tennessee January

The Alexa Conference, presented By VoiceFirst.FM, is the annual gathering of Alexa developers and enthusiasts, and is one of the top independent voice-first technology events in the world. The 2019 conference takes place January 15-17 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and has been called “one of the best values in technology conferences in the world.”


That’s all we have for the rest of 2018 and early 2019 in voice conferences. VoiceFirst Weekly will be in some of this events so if you want to connect hit me up on Twitter and we can grab coffee, or drinks, or both 🙂

You can find the links and ways to register to each one of these conferences at voicefirstweekly.com with episode number. We published all of the episodes note in a post so you have a reference of what we were commenting on.

Thanks for listening. Talk to you tomorrow!

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