Flash briefing 28 – Voice is not about voice (only)

We have been waiting on the rise of bots for years now. I remember how in 2015 people were going crazy on chatbots and that it will be the “Next big thing”. Revolutions in technology are multi stepped. It has been quiet, but it’s growing. Now what happen with voice and chatbots? With aggregated together, you can provide a seamless experience, transparently to the end user of communication between a voice app and your chatbot. Following voice command prompts, inter-related services will communicate to provision requests, such as booking a preferred airline, hotel and transport services for a meeting taking place in two weeks’ time. A multimodal, context based interface powered and started by voice; is what we see when we think of a voice-first world. All of those mediums needs to be aware of the other, the chatbot, the smart assistant, the skills, plus all the services we have available today to know when a plane is landing in Chicago, to make reservations to restaurants, everything that is powering the web today: The API. The interconnectivity necessary between services to allow your smart speaker to connect with your phone, your bank, and the airlines website is also central to the technology. You can start a conversation with a smart speaker that might continue in your phone, if you need to input a password, for example. All these connections might also change, inadvertently, the moral: in conversation interfaces, build for change. Speed matters, probably more than ever before in the history of business, being able to react quickly to changes in services interfaces and to build APIs to connect to these services is a key advantage for any company today starting in voice today. What we used to call this is the viking team. Is the infantry, it moves fast, it test the terrain, it provides the team with visibility. Find your viking team for voice, whether in house or by hiring an agency. Because the truth is voice is not only about voice, but about hyperconnectivity and availability.


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