Flash briefing 29 – Voice in healthcare

voicIn a recent episode we talked about coming events in voice ecosystem. One of this conference is the Voice of Healthcare Summit taking place in August. Then someone asked earlier this week for real life examples of voice applications in hospitals or medical institutions. As he didn’t specified location, the first part of my reply was asking for a specific country. And then proceeded to explain all the legal challenges that Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant face at least in the US. Both companies have teams dedicated to healthcare in their respective smart assistants and are fighting to become HIPPA compliant. I, personally had seen or heard more applications dedicated to wellbeing and not healthcare per se, for example Ask Marvee, dedicated to elder care, but then other users in the group replied with a list of healthcare voice services or apps and I thought it would be a good idea to have an episode about it, and give this list to you, my dearest listener. So here is a list of services, podcasts and voice applications for healthcare/wellbeing:

  1. Podcast: The Voice of Healthcare by voicefirst.fm https://www.voicefirst.fm/voiceofhealthcare
  2. Service: Neurolex Labs and Sonde Health: https://www.sondehealth.com
  3. The conversational AI platform Nuance has built an AI powered solution for healthcare: https://www.nuance.com/en-gb/about-us/newsroom/press-releases/nuance-unveils-AI-Powered-solution-for-healthcare.html
  4. Sensely Sensely, has a virtual nurse avatar patients speak (or type) to. Patients have conversations with the avatar, do daily health checkins, take their blood pressure, or do symptom checkers. http://www.sensely.com/
  5. Suki: formerly called “Robin.” They are a digital assistant for doctor’s offices, targeting the physicians as their users (not the patients): https://www.suki.ai

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