Flash briefing 33 – Prime day echo line deals

Hello there, if you live in a country with Amazon you are probably aware that’s Prime Day, an opportunity for prime users to get deals on a lot of products sell by Amazon. The bad news is that the site was down for more that 2 hours. Frustration was abundant near me with people trying to make their purchases. I’m sure someone was sweating at Amazon headquarters! That’s 2 hours surely cost Amazon millions. Last year’s prime day is said to have generated 1 billion, do the math. Lesson is: even Amazon has issues, way bigger issues,

What I really wanted to say it’s: if you have been thinking on getting an Alexa enabled device this is the best day for it! I have an echo spot, but honestly I don’t use the screen at all most of the time, you’ll be fine with the cheaper version, the echo dot, that it’s down from almost 50 to 29. The echo show is down to almost half the price.

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