Flash briefing 38 – In the road to Voice Summit

Really just to wish you a happy Sunday and a productive week, we are today on the road to the Voice Summit in Newark, very excited, I’m anticipating this to be an awesome conference.


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One comment on “Flash briefing 38 – In the road to Voice Summit

  1. Simon Lau says:

    Since this is a voice conference, use Otter.ai to record, transcribe, and share searchable audio transcripts of your #VOICE18 #VOICESummit experiences! Take notes on speaker sessions, meetings, and networking conversations. Snap photos while recording to sync with transcripts. It’s the most accurate ASR in the market, surpassing even Google, IBM, and Nuance, especially for accented speech.

    It’s a free app for iOS, Android, and Web that comes with 600 free minutes of #transcription per month. Sign up at https://otter.ai

    Sample transcript: aisense.com/dwx18

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