Flash briefing 43 – Voice in medical education

Today’s newsletter is dedicated to voice in healthcare. This week we learned that Rockpointe is launching a medical education program on Amazon’s Alexa for doctors that they say is the first for the voice technology.  

Thomas Sullivan, president of Rockpointe, said offering a continuing medical education program on Alexa provides more flexibility and easier access for doctors.

Sullivan recognized that doctors already spend a significant amount of time on their computers and said the program on Alexa could be an alternative. Recent studies have found doctors spend about half of their working time on computers. While many CME programs are online, typically webinars and online courses, Alexa may be a welcome alternative to more hours in front of the computer.

“It’s natural this would be a great tool for education,” Sullivan said. “It’s a good step for physicians and to start to think how do we use [this new technology] in our field. We have to look at all these new technologies as yet another tool.”

It won’t be that long before every industry start working on their voice integration. We talked here constantly about the need to start experimenting in voice and have a voice strategy.

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