Flash briefing 46 – Sneak peak to VoiceFirst Weekly tooling and processes!

Hello there, I got asked some deal on voice summit how we put our flash briefing on Google Assistant. It’s not as straightforward as in Alexa, and it require some coding, but it can be done! So today’s episode is gonna be a little meta and we are gonna talk about the tools and processes we follow to produce VoiceFirst Weekly content. We basically have 2 mediums: writing and audio. We don’t do a lot of videos for now, except those we do from the episodes content, that might change in the future. It all started with a newsletter. The newsletter is a curation of what we consider worth sharing in voice technologies every week. It’s content curation. The amazing Nersa has set up an automated process to send to an Excel file all the tweets with the hashtags we are interested in. This Excel file gets pretty big pretty fast, but most of it are retweets and cited tweets. Then I come in and read the most relevant ones, read the articles and make the selection for what makes the newsletter that week. Nersa reviews them and so forth and so on. For our audio content the strategy is a little different, as this shows are produced daily. We try to not say the same in the podcast as in the newsletter, and most of the time we succeed. The format of the show is intended to be short-sized episodes of ~2-3 minutes, always under 5, as I suspect you know by now. The approach for these is different. Once a week we gather the themes we want to feature in the week and based on that I write the commentaries. Say we decided to talk about retail and voice commerce, and 6 themes more. We then proceed to write an outline of what we want and then we go and refine it. The other thing we do is as we read Twitter or Instagram, we gather question that people ask and decide if we want to give our 2 cents on them. We write every podcast episode no matter how short, that way the transcript is already there, and we can make videos, tweets, more content. We mainly published everything in our website and in social networks.
Basically that’s our processes, I’m sure everyone of you have a different process to come up with content, share it with us if you like, or let us know if this was useful or we can help you in any way with yours.
Thank you for listening!

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