Flashbriefing 7 – June 21 – Top trending skills and Google Actions analysis

Today we are exploring some of the trending skills in Amazon Alexa and popular Google Actions.

We asked Alexa ” what are your trending skills?” and this is are the eight first answers.

  1. Question of the day.
  2. Peaceful meditation.
  3. Eighties letters.
  4. True or false
  5. Jurassic bark
  6. Clean joke of the day
  7. Inspire me
  8. Find my phone

Then we ask Google Home its popular actions:

  1. I’m home routine. Turn your lights on, give home reminders and play music.
  2. Pandora
  3. Google Play music
  4. Restaurant recommendations
  5. Opens apps and websites
  6. TuneIn. Audio app with more than 100 000 radio stations.
  7. Reminders
  8. Google Maps

Trending Alexa skills shows an user interaction more entertainment based than Google home, more utility based. Besides the pervasive use of playing music no major brand is in the first eight or 10 skills or actions. It seems like a preeminent trend the use of smart speakers for playing sounds, music, games and utilities like reminders, home automation and search.




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