Flash briefing 36 – Voice commerce in mobile

According to a recent study conducted by audio and AI company Voysis, more than half of voice commerce is conducted on mobile phones with assistant programs like Siri or emerging platforms that are enabling audio conversions.

However, the rise of mobile voice sales is also a result of retailers investing more heavily in voice-activated mobile apps and technology, according to Ryan Macinnis, director of marketing at Voysis.
In order to stay ahead on these new platform, many brands are looking to test methods of using voice to drive conversions. Others, like The North Face, have identified more tangible use cases for voice commerce to drive sales of apparel. In the past few years, the company has enhanced its voice-enabled search function on both desktop and mobile, helping shoppers find what they need more quickly. On the site, users can select a microphone button and verbally request their search rather than clicking through menu pages.

While some are adding retail features to voice assistant bots, like Siri and Google Assistant, others are creating their own voice-activated services in an effort to carve a competitive edge against Amazon.

“Voice shopping is very new,” the Voysis report stated. “Siri has been with us since 2011, but the use of voice for the consumer shopping journey has only really emerged in the past two years. Given its short lifespan to date, it is remarkable that $1.8 billion was transacted by voice in 2017 in the U.S.”

Find the report here: https://www.glossy.co/ecommerce/as-retailers-experiment-with-voice-commerce-mobile-is-beating-out-amazon-alexa

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